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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the types of sarongs you sell?

The difference is in the fabric and the process.  All of our sarongs are made from natural fibers.  It may come as a surprise, but rayon is actually made from tree bark! To learn more details than what's stated below, details please check out Our Story. 

Standard Rayon sarongs are made from a thin breathable fabric, the most common type of sarong.  

Premium Rayon has a "thicker" more "heavy weight" quality similar to sheet thread count comparisons.  

Rayon knit is also thicker but has "stretch" and "flexibility."  

The Hand Painted Sarongs are made of the same Premium Rayon however the designs are hand painted rather than printed.  

As far as the silk sarongs, they are 100% silk.  


I've never worn a sarong before, how do I do it?

Sarongs can be used hundreds of ways.  If you want to learn a few, please watch our video: How to Tie a Sarong (There is a link at the top of the page).  You can also use sarongs around your house--to make curtains, table cloths, couch covers, blankets, pillow cases, and much more!


I have a shop and am interested in buying wholesale, how do I do this?

Please send wholesale inquiries to


I've bought your products at Costco before, why is it a different price?

Like every other product sold in Costco, our sarongs are sold at a special price for Costco Roadshows. 


I've bought your products at Costco before, will it come wrapped with a coconut shell?

The wrapping is a special packaging made for our Costco roadshows.