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Revelations of Love

Ariel ThomasComment

When it comes to February, we think of love. The evidence of Valentine’s Day is everywhere we walk and breathe. And if we’re single, the powerful ladies of late have decided to celebrate that too in the spirit of GAL-entine’s day. Love is present at all times in our lives yet we only force ourselves to analyze it when a holiday comes around. Suddenly we have to acknowledge the romantic excitement or lack there of in our lives. February can be positively pink or negatively red depending on the shade. And as you know, at Casual Movements we appreciate and celebrate all colors of wheel because they all have something to offer. So let’s take it a step farther and contemplate the most important love of all, self-love. As February comes to a close, we hope that you all decide to make some positive movements. Do something that makes you happy. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Whether it’s finding your inner buddha, finally unlocking meditation or seeing the beautiful sunset in your rose glass. Embrace it all and this world will be better for it.


Sunsets & Love, CM